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How do I get funded by The Funded Trader?

Every trader is required to pass our two-phase evaluation. In order to get started, select your desired account size and sign up for the challenge here. After completing the challenge successfully you will be provided a fully funded account.

What does the Standard Challenge consist of?
The Standard Challenge consists of a two-phase evaluation where a trader has 35 calendar days from the day they receive their account (Calculated in GMT +2) to achieve a 10% profit target. During the trading period the Trader must not hit the maximum daily drawdown of -6% equity at any time based on the initial balance of their account. The Trader must also not hit the maximum total equity drawdown of -12% from the starting balance of the account. The Trader must trade a minimum of 5 trading days during the allowed 35 calendar days. After passing phase 1, the trader then has 60 calendar days to achieve a 5% profit target while abiding by the same daily and maximum drawdown rules above in addition to trading 5 additional minimum trading days. 
Any violation of the rules above will result in the termination of your trading account and ineligibility to move forward in the program with that account. Traders are more than welcome to start over and will have eligibility to enter the program with new trading accounts.
What does the One Step Challenge consist of?
In the One Step Challenge the trader can choose their payout based on the amount they sign up with. Each trader will be given a $100k standard account with 1:200 leverage. They must make $10,000 USD (10%) on their account balance without having equity/balance drawdown of $12,000 (12%) total and 6% (Calculated from starting initial balance of account). There is no time limit on this challenge and if the trader is able to successfully reach the target they will be issued a full refund + 40% of their sign up fee.

Find a table showing the payouts for each respective sign up amount below:

How do the max daily and max total draw downs work?

The maximum daily loss on the account consisting of the account’s current result of opened positions and the result of positions closed on the given day must not at any time in the course of one working day exceed 6% of the initial balance of the account.


For the max total draw down, the equity of the account must not fall below 88% of the initial account balance both for open and closed positions, including commissions and swaps.

What is the maximum daily loss and maximum total drawdown?

For both the Standard Challenge and One Step Challenge, the maximum daily loss is 6% of the accounts initial starting balance. All trading days reset at midnight at GMT +2 (5PM EST). The maximum total loss is 12% of the accounts starting balance. See the table below for the specific maximum drawdown parameters.

Account SizeMax Daily DrawdownMax Drawdown
Are there any restrictions on my trading style?

The actual trading strategy you use during the demo evaluation is completely up to you. Of course, any “trading styles” that are deemed as cheating are not allowed, this includes any style of demo account trading that would not result in profits in the real market, or would not be possible in real market trading conditions, for example, hedging trades between accounts, or an unrealistic execution price in the demo environment due to a news event causing volatility in the market. For more information on strategies that may be deemed unrealistic in the demo environment, please see the “Other rules to keep in mind” FAQ.

What is the leverage?


The leverage on all funded accounts is the following:


Forex 1:100

Gold and Commodities 1:40
Indices 1:20
Crypto 1:2

How many accounts can I trade?
What is the maximum account size?

The maximum account size is $400,000 USD per account. With a total maximum account size of $600,000 USD per Trader. Traders may request to combine multiple accounts after the accounts have passed phase II before placing their first trade. 

Reach out to our support for help with merging accounts.

Is there a free trial?
What platforms can I trade on?

We allow our traders to use the MT4 (MetaTrader 4) platform. We are planning to add cTrader and MT5 (MetaTrader 5) functionality in the near future.

Which brokers can I use?

We currently offer all of our accounts through Nash Markets and Purple Trading Seychelles.

Other rules to keep in mind.

Password changes on evaluation accounts:

Any accounts that change their master or investor passwords at any time during the challenge automatically forfeit the challenge and are not eligible to continue trading. This is because in order to review your account, we need to have access to it, so if it is found that your password has been changed, there is not way for us to know if you have failed or not or if your strategies are legitimate. This means not connecting your account to services such as myfxbook, since they require users to change their investor password.

All accounts associated with our challenges must be traded on by only the trader who owns the account and must not be altered once a phase is passed.

Once you pass Phase 1 or Phase 2, please do not alter the account in any way, and make sure to close all positions. Altering an account after it has passed a phase will result in the account being invalid and therefore cause the trader to have to redo the that phase.

All accounts are demo accounts, it is against our rules to take advantage of this:

Even when a client becomes a Funded Trader, they will be provided a demo account with virtual funds equal. This account is connected to our Master account that places trades in the live market, according to the trades of our Funded Traders using a copy trading software. This is where the real cash flow is generated. Funded Traders are entitled to 80% of the profits made in this account. This is a common practice in this industry and allows the administration of funded accounts as well as risk management to be much simpler.

For this reason, it is against our rules to take advantage of strategies that generate risk-free, consistent profits only on demo accounts. Our Funded Traders are expected to be trading on their accounts as if they are live accounts, and any use of a strategy that takes advantage of demo accounts will result in closure of a Funded Trader’s account, whether in the evaluation phase or while funded.

Some example of these strategies include:

1. Use of the guarantee of compliance with limit orders (including Takeprofit and Stoploss)

2. Use of platform or data freezing due to a Demo Server error

3. Use of a delayed data feed

4. Trading on delayed charts

5. Trading at a time of significant macroeconomic reports, and being filled at an unrealistic price due to the volatility of the event

These are the most common strategies that people use to take advantage of demo accounts, but it is possible that there are more out there. If any account is seen to be using unfair strategies or an unrealistic trading style, they will not be eligible to be funded.

To learn more about this rule check out this article.

Trading Responsibly on Funded Accounts

If you fail the funded account in the first day that you acquire it, you will no longer be eligible for funding with our firm. This behavior is deemed as reckless and unprofessional and we no longer wish to work with individuals who trade this way.

Expired Accounts

If you do not trade the account for 65 days the account will be marked has failed as it will expire.  If your account does expire you can request to get a new account if you wish to start after 65 days. The reason behind this is we pay hosting fees for the accounts and want to limit our expenses in the even that the account is inactive.

Are you a broker?

No. We are a trading evaluation company.

How do I set up MT4?

To set up MT4, just go to the following page to download the client terminal from your respective broker:

Nash Markets: MT4 Download

Purple Trading Seychelles: MT4 Download


Once you have downloaded the client terminal, just log in on the terminal using the account login details that we provide to you, and you should be good to go!

Can I hold trades overnight, over the weekend, and trade news?
Can I get another attempt on the Standard Challenge if I fail?

If a trader ends Phase 1 in profit without violating the max daily loss or total loss while satisfying the minimum required days they will be eligible for a retry if they run out of time for Phase 1. If a trader ends Phase 2 in profit without violating the max daily loss or total loss while satisfying the minimum required days they will be eligible for a retry if they run out of time, but have to start back on Phase 1. Traders are not eligible for retries under any other circumstances.

Do you allow EA's and copy trading?

In order to maintain trade diversity and mitigate our risk we are prohibiting the use of EAs.

Indicators are not EAs, unlimited of them may be used for manual trading. No EA or script may follow multiple Indicators (one is perfectly allowed). Traders may request an exception of the indicator script rule by emailing [email protected] but it is under The Funded Trader’s sole discretion if an exception is granted. Violation of this rule will result in failure of the challenge and closure of all accounts.

The trader may have multiple challenge accounts but they are not allowed to use a Trade Copier within accounts. All trades must be your own. Violation of this rule will result in failure of the challenge and closure of all accounts.

What trading instruments are available?

We allow trading of the instruments available on your trading platform. This typically includes forex, commodities, indices, and crypto.

How do you process payouts?

Traders with accounts eligible for payouts should submit an invoice by going to My Account > Withdrawal Request to submit an invoice for a payout. The traders account will then be reviewed and your payout will be processed. We offer the following payout methods: BTC and Wise (bank transfer). All traders are responsible for transaction fees associated with their payout.

A trader is eligible for a payout upon successfully completing the One Step Challenge, or for Standard Challenge Funded Accounts, one month from their initial trading day on the funded account and then again becomes eligible one month after every withdrawal. For example, a trader starts on the 5th, then is eligible for withdrawal then next 5th. If they receive their withdrawal on the 12th, they will be eligible to submit another withdrawal request the next 12th. All of the trader’s positions must be flat (no open trades and no open orders) to receive a payout.

A trader must be verified by submitting a government issued ID (drivers license/ passport), proof of address dated within the last 60 days, and submitting a signed Funded Trader Agreement before being eligible for any payouts.  Go to My Account > Withdrawal Request.

What is the account size scaling plan? 90% Profit Split?

The scaling plan allows traders to grow their account size based on consistent performance, allowing them to increase their potential payouts over time.

Trader’s accounts are reviewed every 3 months, if a trader has been profitable for at least 2 out of the last 3 months, with an average return of 6% over the 3 month period, or a 2% return monthly for 3 months they become eligible for an account size increase equal to 25% of their original account balance. You must make two withdrawals during this 3 month period. The Funded Trader allows these 25% account increases to take your account balance all the way up to $1.5M USD. You will also be eligible for 90% payouts once you qualify for the scaling plan. 

What is the lot size limit?

During all phases of our programs there are no lot size limits. We do not add any extra limits on top of what the broker allows.

THIS ONLY APPLIES TO FULLY FUNDED ACCOUNTS AND NOT THE CHALLENGE.  For indices please use a max 0.50 per positions, as we need this for copying purposes. You can enter as many positions as leverage allows using 0.50 so there is NO LIMIT. We need the positions to be broken down into smaller entries in order to copy over to live server more efficiently. If you do not follow this rule you will be warned about it one time then it will be escalated. 

What is the commission fee structure?

Traders can open a demo account for any of our programs and see the current spreads for all the trading instruments. We do not charge a markup on broker commissions. They are currently $5 round turn for both brokers

For more details, please visit Nash Markets or Purple Trading

Do you allow US clients at The Funded Trader?

Yes, clients from anywhere in the world are allowed, including clients from the United States.

How does the leaderboard work?

The leaderboard is free to enter and serves as an online community for The Funded Trader where traders can connect their trading accounts and compete for monthly prizes based on their monthly returns. 

This allows The Funded Trader to scout for talented traders while giving you a place to earn rewards and sharpen your trading skills.

How Do The Leaderboard Giveaways Work?

Create a 50k or 100k demo account with the broker of your choice.

Connect the demo account to myfxbook and generate a public link (instructions can be found below).

Log onto the Funded Trader Website and submit your fxbook link.

Whoever makes the largest percentage gain in the month of June will get a free $100k demo challenge and $250!

You MUST follow all rules for the standard challenge phase 1 to qualify. 

Here is the link for further instructions:

What is Loyalty, how do I earn it, and what can I use it for?

Loyalty is The Funded Trader’s points system that you begin accumulating when you create an account on our Site. 25,000 Loyalty (worth $2.50) is awarded to new users when they create their account on our Site. Loyalty is also earned when purchasing any of our programs, for every dollar spent, you receive 100 Loyalty. The Funded Trader will continue to add ways to earn Loyalty to promote interaction with our community.

Loyalty can be used as a currency on our Site, for example, 25,000 Loyalty is worth $2.50 USD on our Site, so you could use it to get a discount on any of our programs at checkout. The minimum amount of Loyalty that can be used for a purchase is 25,000 Loyalty, which would allow for a $2.50 USD discount.

Is there an age requirement to get funded?

Yes, the minimum age to participate in all of our programs is 18.

How does the affiliate program work?

By signing up in our affiliate portal you will receive commissions for any sales made through our affiliate program. We love our affiliates and want to make sure the best performers are being taken care of. For this reason, we have implemented the following affiliate commission scaling plan:


7.5% starting commissions for all sales made through your affiliate link

10% commission after 25 referrals

15% commission after 50 referrals

20% commission after 100 referrals

To request a payout as an affiliate, please contact our live support at the bottom right of the page!

For any further questions please feel free to reach out to our live support chat at the bottom right of the page or email us at [email protected]

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