Everything to Know About The Funded Trader Affiliate Program

Want to make money while you’re sleeping? Become an affiliate marketer with The Funded Trader (TFT) Affiliate Program, and you can. Affiliate marketing lets you earn income from anywhere at any time. You, the affiliate, promote a product or service online and receive a commission for every sale generated.

With a funded simulated trading affiliate program, you promote a prop firm’s program and provide users with a link to sign up. The link will refer them to the prop firm’s designated landing page to make their purchase. It also tracks you as the referral source for the transaction. In some cases, the affiliate program will offer a commission for referrals who sign up for simulated trading courses, seminars, and classes.

The Funded Trader’s Affiliate Program lets you earn money from trader sign-up referrals. The more referrals you convert, the higher your commission percentage. In addition, TFT provides all the support you need, including marketing materials, and even throws in some extra perks along the way.

Affiliate Trader Success Story

The Funded Trader makes it easy for newcomers to start simulated trading foreign exchange currencies (forex), commodities, metals, indices, and cryptocurrency. The premium prop firm has helped generate success stories for both traders and affiliates.

Take Nur, a stay-at-home wife and mother in Malaysia who discovered The Funded Trader through an influencer affiliate promotion. When she achieved six-figure virtual profits with The Funded Trader, she showed funded simulated trading isn’t only for men in suits on Wall Street. With patience, the right tools, and wise moves, she proves anyone can find simulated trading success.

Although Nur’s six-figure success didn’t happen overnight, it’s a remarkable achievement for a mother just aiming to bring in a little extra income for her household. What’s more, she may not have ever found The Funded Trader if not for the affiliate program.

Nur took many proactive initiatives over her seven years of simulated trading to learn the right strategies as she focused on forex trading. Through independent learning and perseverance, she gained valuable knowledge from various sources including Facebook communities, in which like-minded members shared strategies.

Ready to get started? Here’s everything you need to know about The Funded Trader Affiliate Program.

the funded trader affiliate marketing
Sign up with The Funded Trader’s affiliate program and start promoting right away. | Source: Shutterstock

What Is The Funded Trader Affiliate Program?

The Funded Trader’s Affiliate Program offers anyone the opportunity to receive commission on trader sign-up referrals. When you register for the affiliate program, you’ll receive a unique referral link. Use this link when you promote The Funded Trader on your blog, social media channels, website, or podcast.

When a user clicks on the link, a data cookie is created on their device. This small data file identifies you as the referral source and tracks all the sales generated from your promotional content. Basically, every time a new user makes a purchase through your unique link, you earn a commission.

The Funded Trader makes your role as a promotional partner easy. For instance, you receive access to an ad creative library to use for marketing purposes. This includes updates, promotions, and helpful content.

In addition, the program lets you offer a discount to referrals who sign up through your affiliate link. The Funded Trader provides you with a discount coupon code between 5% and 10%, depending on your affiliate tier status.

The affiliate program is simple and straightforward. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for The Funded Trader Affiliate Program and receive your unique affiliate tracking link.
  2. Promote The Funded Trader through your own website, trading groups, online courses, social media channels, YouTube channel, etc.
  3. A potential client clicks on your link and gets redirected to The Funded Trader website, where they sign up.
  4. The conversion reflects in your portal, where you can keep track of click and conversion activity related to your marketing.
  5. The Funded Trader pays out a commission to you every 30 days for the converted traffic.

Forex simulated Trading Success Tips

Nur offers these tips for keen traders to build their experience and get the profitable results she did:

  • Find a simulated trading system that suits you. Before making a decision, consider your simulated trading knowledge, your schedule, and your thinking style.
  • Determine your focus. Do you want to diversify or only focus on one or two currency pairs? Nur focuses only on a pair or two because it allows her to expertly know these instruments and make more strategic decisions.
  • Don’t try to perfectly emulate someone else’s simulated trading strategy. Learn from it but chart your own course.
  • Don’t let losses define you. Instead, treat them as learning experiences. Learn to improve money management and believe you can bounce back.
  • Use the right programs to make technical analyses. For example, Nur uses Trading View to easily find hidden divergences. This tool is available to all TFT users.
trading chart
Successful traders use a few different strategies in their funded simulated trading accounts depending on what works for them. | Source: Shutterstock

How to Become an Affiliate With The Funded Trader

To become an affiliate with The Funded Trader, simply register through this link. Once you register, you’ll gain access to a personal account portal through the Trade Hub.

On the navigation menu toward the left of the screen, go to the Affiliate Portal to access your dashboard. On your affiliate trader dashboard, you’ll find an overview of all your activities, including link clicks, conversions, coupons, and payouts.

Here, you’ll also see your referral URL with a “Copy Link” button. By inserting the link into your promotional content, The Funded Trader will track the performance of campaigns you run for successful conversions.

Another important feature of the dashboard is the commission payout request. To request your payout, simply click the “Request Payout” button at the top right of your screen. If you see the button but are unable to click on it, you are not yet able to receive your payout for one of the following reasons:

  • Payouts are only processed every 30 days from the previous payment date.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount as an affiliate is $100.
  • Only referrals that are 30 days or older are eligible for commission withdrawal.

Note that if you select cryptocurrency payouts, The Funded Trader uses the ERC-20 Network for USD coin (USDC).

Affiliate Compensation Plan

The Funded Trader offers a lucrative tiered structure of rewards and benefits for affiliates. The more you promote and convert users on your platform, the higher your commission, benefits, and bonuses.

Tier 1

Tier 1 of the affiliate program requires you to gain 50 successful referrals. As a Tier 1 promotional partner, you’re able to offer a 5% discount to your referrals as an incentive to sign up through your link. You’ll also earn a 10% commission on converted referrals and unlock bi-weekly payouts. As a bonus, you gain access to a free $100,000 challenge.

Tier 2

After 100 successful referrals, you move up to Tier 2 affiliate status. As a Tier 2 affiliate, your commission increases to 12.5%. You can also now supercharge your referral strategy by offering new referrals a 7.5% discount coupon for registering through your link. In addition, you gain access to a free $200,000 challenge.

Tier 3

Once you have a solid marketing strategy and consistent promotional messaging in place, your referrals will gain traction. Achieving Tier 3 affiliate status requires some commitment, but the rewards are well worth it.

Tier 3 status is achieved after 500 converted referrals. As a bonus, The Funded Trader rewards you with $3,000 cash compensation. You also increase commission earnings to 15% and unlock weekly payouts. Additionally, you can incentivize new signups with a 10% discount coupon and gain access to an exclusive Slack channel.

Coupon Codes

Once you’re eligible to offer discount coupons to your audience, you can access the coupon codes in your dashboard. Log in to your Affiliate Portal via the Trade Hub. On your dashboard, scroll down to the bottom of your page to find your available coupons.

The coupons will be available according to your affiliate tier status:

  • 5% discount coupon for Tier 1
  • 7.5% discount coupon for Tier 2
  • 10% discount coupon for Tier 3

Start Earning With The Funded Trader

In addition to offering scalpers, intraday, and swing traders a phenomenal simulated trading opportunity, The Funded Trader enables affiliates to increase earnings through referral commissions. Anyone can join the affiliate program and get started instantly.

The Funded Trader equips every promotional partner with a referral link, discount coupons, and access to an ad creative library. With everything you need to get going, you can promote The Funded Trader from anywhere at any time to build your referral status.

Your personal affiliate program dashboard provides the links needed for automated referral tracking. On your dashboard, you can also gain insights into your referrals, conversions, coupons, and earnings. The best part? You can request commission payouts with the click of a button.

With The Funded Trader Affiliate Program, you get rewarded for the work you put in. More conversions mean higher commissions and bigger bonuses. For instance, serious affiliate marketers can earn a $3,000 bonus payment when reaching 500 successful referrals with a 15% commission rate.

Sign up today and start earning passive income with The Funded Trader.