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The Funded Trader: Get More Points from the Treasure Hunt App

Welcome to The Funded Trader’s Treasure Hunt app. That’s right, we value our community so deeply that we’re always looking for ways to create new opportunities for them.

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Source: The Funded Trader Treasure Hunt App

Welcome to The Funded Trader’s Treasure Hunt app. That’s right, we value our community so deeply that we’re always looking for ways to create new opportunities for them. Best of all, we make it a breeze to help our users level up. All we ask is for some small, simple tasks in exchange for points. Those points can then be used to claim a variety of prizes offered by The Funded Trader.

So, how does it work? Well, you start by making a free account with just a few clicks. Then, you’ll be met with about fifty available tasks to click on and complete. Some of those tasks may include following us on social media, referring friends, and writing testimonials—the bigger the task, the bigger the point payout.

Here are the top 5 ways to maximize your points stack:

#1 Write a Blog for us: 2,500 points

Nobody knows TFT better than the TFT community. That’s why we invite all our traders to share their simulated trading knowledge and TFT experiences with the community. It’s worth noting that the ‘Write a blog’ task boasts one of the highest point rewards in the whole app—so if you’re looking to get ahead fast, consider putting pen to paper!

The Task

Go to the Treasure Hunt app, and scroll down to the ‘Write a blog’ task. We are looking for blog posts explaining what TFT is. It should include an introduction to TFT, the benefits and rewards we offer, TFT’s potential, and how our prop firm features separate us from the pack. We love to see our users encourage their readers to join our social media channels, as well.

How to Start

  • Explore our website and social channels to best understand TFT.
  • Write and publish your blog on your own or third-party sites and submit the link through the Treasure Hunt app. Your points will be added to your Treasure Hunt account once it goes live.

Pro tip: Gain some inspiration by checking out some of our user’s blogs below.

#2 Record a YouTube video: 3,500 points

If you feel that your thoughts can be better conveyed through video than words, great—create a YouTube video instead. The format should follow that of the written blog: a brief TFT introduction, a tutorial on how to use our services and the benefits of doing so, and your personal experience as a customer or community member at The Funded Trader. Of course, always feel free to encourage them to join our socials. Then, all you’ve got to do is send us the YouTube link to claim your points.

#3 Share Testimonials and Certificates: Over 10,000 points up for grabs

Record a Testimonial: 4,000 points

Record a video testimonial about your experience with TFT. Post it on Tiktok, Instagram, or Youtube Shorts and share the link to your post to receive points.

Take a Selfie with a Withdrawal Certificate: 1,000 points

Did you win big and are now ready to claim your withdrawal? Awesome! Why not win even bigger with a simple selfie? All you’ve got to do is take a selfie with your withdrawal certificate, post it on Instagram, and tag @thefundedtrader. And just like that, you’ve earned another 1,000 points—and can snag an additional 700 points for posting the certificate on Discord, too.

Show off your Funded Trader Passed Certificate on Socials: 3,000 points

Post your Funded Trader certificates on these platforms to earn 600 points each. That’s right, you can rack up 3,000 Treasure Hunt points in just 5 clicks:

  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
Source: The Funded Trader Treasure Hunt App

#4 Invite and Refer Friends: 2,150 points

Invite: Ask your friends to join our socials.

  • Telegram: 200 points for 3 sign-ups
  • Discord: 200 points for 5 sign-ups

Refer: Share this referral link. You’ll receive 750 points per 3 sign-ups. You can also display the referral links on your socials. Go to our Treasure Hunt app and click on the links to share on Twitter and Facebook. 600 points for each post.

#5 Become our Advocate: Over 3,000 points

  1. Add your TFT affiliate link to your Linktree or bio: 500 points
  2. Update your Telegram name to “Your Name | Join The Funded Trader Bounty”: 400 points
  3. Post our promo tweet on Twitter: 250 points
  4. Update your Twitter PFP related to The Funded Trader: 600 points
  5. Add our Instagram handle in your bio: 400 points
  6. Post a thread on TFT on Reddit: 500 points
  7. Add The Funded Trader to your work experience on Linkedin: 400 points

And that’s not all! There are dozens of more ways to earn points on the Treasure Hunt app. You’ll even receive points for following our socials and sharing our content. Not a fan of tasks? We get it—that’s why we’ve built games for you to play and earn points right in the app. So, what are you waiting for? Get cracking!

The Funded Trader’s Community Support

This is a community engagement app that rewards active participation. It’s a fun space that offers an array of activities to keep you entertained and earning. Moreover, you can also use this app to access free and exclusive content, such as reading through our community blogs.

Apart from this, we also have a thriving community on Discord, YouTube, and Instagram. TFT offers several resources to help traders become successful. We want every trader to succeed and receive funding. That’s why we encourage everyone to wade through our knowledge resources before getting started.

Our blog section holds valuable treasures for anyone looking to become a successful forex trader. Learn more about Forex simulated trading and how you can become a funded trader here.

Source: The Funded Trader Treasure Hunt App

Treasure Hunt App Featured Blogs

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Join the TFT Treasure Hunt App and Start Collecting Instant Rewards

TFT aims to strip the barriers and, frankly, the boringness of traditional trading. The Treasure Hunt app is just an extension of that mission. You can play games, collect points, level up, and redeem prizes—all while gaining free access to invaluable resources on how to become a better trader.

Why wait? Join us on the Treasure Hunt app and start hunting for rewards today!


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