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LP Trading Reviews The Funded Trader

LP Trading Reviews The Funded Trader on Profit Splits, Pricing, and Prop Firm Credibility
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LP simulated Trading Reviews The Funded Trader on Virtual Profit Splits, Pricing, and More

What is LP Trading?

LP simulated Trading is a YouTube channel that was founded by Usman Khan that primarily focuses on different aspects of the FOREX industry.

From interviews with successful traders to FOREX trade setups to prop firm reviews, LP simulated Trading has built a community of FOREX traders who are looking to share knowledge and have an honest discussion about the FOREX industry. 

LP simulated Trading Reviews The Funded Trader

Recently, LP simulated Trading made an in-depth video about his experience with The Funded Trader Program and we would like to dive into some of the points that he made and his experience using The Funded Trader Program. 

Legitimate FOREX Prop Firm

First, LP simulated Trading notes that The Funded Trader program is a legitimate program where you don’t have to worry about receiving payments.

There are so many new prop firms propping up that might raise red flags, but Usman notes that The Funded Trader has an excellent reputation and is most certainly a credible forex prop firm.

After cementing our place among the top prop firms, The Funded Trader has made a name for itself by providing excellent customer service, a user-friendly experience, quick payouts, a community of like-minded traders, and much more. 

Funded Trader Dashboard Review

Usman reviews several different aspects of The Funded Trader including the different price ranges. He notes that there is an impressive range of challenges from $50,000 to $400,000, but for his style of trading, LP simulated trading prefers $100,000 and only recently has tried the $200,000. 

The “Projected Annual Profit” is a unique feature that The Funded Trader showcases based upon your account size, win rate, etc. There are no criticisms concerning the dashboard because Usman notes that it is a great dashboard that effectively conveys your virtual profit factor, the number of trades placed, average winning trade, average losing trade, and other important features for funded traders. 

Funded Next vs The Funded Trader Program

Next, LP simulated Trading dives into a comparative analysis between The Funded Trader and Funded Next. Some of the key features that LP simulated Trading enjoys about The Funded Trader are the virtual profit splits. 

The Funded Trader goes up to an impressive 80% profit split and up to 90% with scaling compared to Funded Next which only goes up to a 75% profit split. One of the coolest aspects that LP simulated Trading was impressed with is the 6% daily drawdown. 

There are a few differences between The Funded Trader and Funded Next and that includes pricing. The Funded Trader offers a premium service at a premium price, so some of the challenges are about $50 more expensive than Funded Next, but the Funded Trader offers promos and opportunities to win funded accounts. 

Phase 1 Virtual Profit Targets

The biggest issue that LP simulated Trading has with The Funded Trader is with the targets. He notes that The Funded Trader has standard targets, but for his style of simulated trading he prefers the 8% profit target for phase 1 compared to the 10% profit target which is what the Funding Trader offers in phase 1.

He does note that The Funded Trader has a 12% drawdown which he finds appealing and overall, The Funded Trader has a lot to offer. 

Prop Firm Pricing

As far as prices go, The Funded Trader has a lot to offer because of the variety of challenges. Not only that, The Funded Trader offers a variety of promotions and has a month-long competition where you can win a discount or a free funded trader account. 

In the description of LP simulated Trading.s YouTube video, there is a link to a discount for the $100,000 challenge. 

The Newest FOREX Challenge: The Royal Challenge

The Funded Trader has recently expanded all of our challenges to better suit traders with different simulated trading styles. Some traders prefer working with smaller funded accounts and some enjoy the challenge of managing a $400,000 simulated trading account. 

For LP Trading, his style is geared towards the $50,000 or $100,000 challenge and he just recently tried a $200,000 challenge. There is a wide range of challenges and account types. Traders can pick from standard or swing accounts, and then choose the amount that they want to trade.

For more information on the Royal Challenge: CLICK HERE

Reputation is Everything in choosing a FOREX Prop Firm

There are only a few names you should trust when it comes to where to put your simulated trading money. It would be dishonest for The Funded Trader to say, “We are the best and the others aren’t trustworthy!” but we are one of the top prop firms for a reason.

Reputation is key in this industry because you want to put your trust in a company that does what it says. 

In LP simulated Trading.s YouTube Video, he makes sure to give props to both Angelo and Blake. Their reputation is well-known throughout the FOREX community for building a strong brand that is leading the way in funding traders and changing lives every single day!

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