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March Community Update Blog

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Greetings Travelers, Traders, Knights, and Royals. The month of March went by swiftly, and with that comes the Community Update!

Industry Leading Opportunities

The movement and growth here at The Funded Trader have been nothing short of remarkable. The goal of The Funded Trader has always been to provide industry-leading opportunities for successful traders to gain access to additional capital that will allow them to unlock financial freedom. How are we faring with this momentous task? Well, our results speak for themselves.

To date, our current number of funded trader payouts is $2,621,376.80! At the core of TFT, our mission is to offer world-class technology, exceptional 24/7 support, customer-centric challenges, and to become the destination for talented traders. We pride ourselves on our simple, yet clear, company values. We value integrity and transparency. This is a company built by traders, for traders, so when it comes to being an authentic version of ourselves, we believe it is a key component in building a genuine community.

Community Update

Giving back is also a part of our ideals. We provide traders with many different opportunities and content. One example of this is our monthly competitions, which give traders the chance to fight for prizes such as discounts and even free challenge accounts. At the end of the day, The Funded Trader wasn’t created to be a money-grab. It was built for traders and founders alike to come together, and build something that we can be proud of. Pursuing excellence, and having the mindset of a winner. These are two vital aspects to any member here at The Funded Trader.

Launching the Rapid Challenge

This past month we officially launched our nest offering, the Rapid Challenge. A lot of traders were suggesting that we introduce a challenge that removes the simulated trading day minimum, so we happily obliged. What’s fascinating about the Rapid Challenge is that traders can enjoy their first payout within only 14 days of purchasing the challenge! The same rules apply. You must follow your simulated trading plan and properly control your risk. The Phase 1 Target is 8% over 35 days. The Phase 2 target is 5% over 60 days, and the Max Loss and Max Daily Loss are 8% and 5% respectively. Traders can: purchase the Rapid Challenge, receive the login details through our automated system, pass Phase 1, receive the login details for Phase 2 in just 12 hours, and pass Phase 2 all in under a day. The final step would be to verify any documents, sign all the paperwork, and begin simulated trading the funded account with a possible payout within 14 days. To learn more about the Rapid Challenge, click here.

SumSub KYC Protocol

Moving forward, The Funded Trader has a few initiatives we are working on. We are dedicated to improving all aspects and services of The Funded Trader, and so the first thing we are working on is the SumSub KYC protocol. This will help streamline the Identity Verification Process, which in turn will reduce the entire processing time and any issues associated with it.

Next on our list is the Knowledge Center. As of April 13th, the Knowledge Center is up and running on our website (visit the Knowledge Center here). It provides an in-depth description of the various questions and concerns our traders may have on their Kingdom quest. This mainly serves as a destination for our most commonly asked questions and will help minimize the response time of our incredible support team during peak hours.

Security Testing

Another initiative is the ongoing Security Testing that goes on at The Funded Trader. This is a full-scale penetration and vulnerability test throughout all of our systems. Our goal is to identify and resolve any security vulnerabilities across the entire system, including 3rd party applications like Discord. We want our traders to feel safe and secure with their challenge and funded accounts and within our community.

The Funded Trader’s Hub

The final and largest initiative we are working on this quarter is the introduction of The Funded Trader’s Hub. This colossal task will take on the consolidation of The Funded Trader WordPress and Dashboard websites. The goal will be to feature one login to our trader’s hub. The entire website will be getting worked on to have the best website in the industry! All of these changes will be coming in May 2022.

March Community Update

Within March, The Funded Trader brought on a lot of new members to the team. Denis came on board as the assistant community manager. His role is to assist Adam, our newly elevated Demand Generation Lead and former Community Manager, in his day-to-day tasks, and overall engagement within the community. We’ve also brought in Duane and Juan to our Trader Success team as Trader Success Associates. They’ve been a huge help for our support team in alleviating any issues that arise within the intercom or discord. Lastly, we brought on Florian as our Business Operations Analyst. He has taken on a large role. He makes sure all payouts are completely accurate and our traders are paid out securely, assist in escalated support inquiries, and supports the leadership team in various initiatives.

To all those out there looking to join our team at The Funded Trader, make sure your resume is professional, up-to-date, and includes the relevant information, experience, and skills necessary for your desired role! This will help us out in the process of selecting new candidates to join our Funded Trader Kingdom as new opportunities arise. You are welcome to submit resumes and a cover letter to Matthew Racz, our COO, at [email protected]. We encourage you to write a professional email introduction that includes your resume, cover letter, what country you reside, and details about why you are passionate about joining the team. Best of luck to everyone looking to join TFT.

Acknowledge Challenges

With all the positivity flowing through The Funded Trader, it is also important to acknowledge challenges that we have been facing as we continue to scale and offer great products and services. We have been gearing toward acquiring the best possible partner for our challenge and funded accounts. This has been difficult because of the regulatory processes here in the United States, as well as negotiating the best terms for our business. Eightcap has been our goal, and as of March 13th, 2022 we have officially launched on our website. This new broker selection also comes with the upgrade of being able to use the Eightcap or Purple Trading SC’s Trading Platform! Happy simulated trading to all our members as we expand our Kingdom further beyond.

Amidst the troubles, we have always looked at the bright side. As of March 13th, we have over 1,300+ TrustPilot Business Reviews for The Funded Trader. We are extremely proud of this achievement, and this is all thanks to our incredible support team and trader success associates. Truly, everyone working to improve The Funded Trader should be commended for their diligent pursuit of excellence. Since day one, everyone on the team, including our newest arrivals, have worked towards a better future for The Funded Trader as a whole, and all the knights, royals, traders, and travelers alike.

Thank You Forex Community

Finally, we want to celebrate YOU, our incredible community, for trusting us as your preferred partner. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to serve you and continue to create more value. Thank you all for taking the time to read this Community Update. Join us next month and beyond for the latest news and updates here at The Funded Trader.


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