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How to Generate an FXBook Link

Step 1: Go to and sign in or register for an account, hover over the portfolio icon and press add account

Step 2: Press Add Account under the Accounts tab

Step 3: Once selecting the dropdown go to MetaTrader4 (Autoupdate)

Step 4: Input all of your information for your account. Make sure you use your Investor password then press Create Account

Step 5: Once you successfully connect your account go back to the accounts tab

Step 6: Locate the account you just added and press edit

Step 7: Click on the verification dropdown menu and then locate the authorization password. You will need to change your investor password to the password they give you which can be done in the mt4 terminal. Move to step 8 to do this

Step 8: Go into your mt4 terminal. On the left hand side there should be a navigator panel. Right click on the Accounts option and select Open an Account

Step 9: Search for the broker you are using and wait for it to populate above. Once you locate the server select it and press next

Step 10: Select existing trade account and input your credentials. Use your trader password for this step then press finish

Step 11: Once the account is connected it will display in the navigator panel on the left hand side. Please right click on the account and press change password

Step 12: Go back to fxbook and copy the authorization password that we mentioned earlier. You will change your password to this in MT4.

Input the authorization password into the new password fields. IMPORTANT do not change the master password. Change that option to “Change investor (Read only) password” click ok

Step 13: Go back to myfxbook and select the update password button

Step 14: Input the authorization password that you changed the password to and press ok

Step 15: Press connect and it should say Account Authorized Successfuly below

Step 16: Go to the invitations tab

Step 17: In the drop down select your newly added account then change all of the public fields, press URL active, and click apply settings. This will generate a unique public link for you.

Step 18: Go back to the website leaderboard page

Step 19: Copy and past the URL from FXbook and paste it into the text box then click submit

Step 20: You are now successfully connected to the leaderboard and in the running for our monthly prizes!

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