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When choosing a prop firm partner, traders have many choices. What separates The Funded Trader from FTMO?

Why Choose

Traders have many options to solve their challenge of undercapitalization. Specifically, though, why should you choose TFT vs. FTMO? We have laid out the TFT vs. FTMO differences below for you to make an informed decision.
The Funded TraderFTMO
Account Size & Model$100k Royal Challenge$100k Challenge
Price (USD)$489$657
Maximum Drawdown5% Daily | 10% Total5% Daily | 10% Total
Phase 1 Profit Target8%10%
$600k in Initial FundingYesNo
Profit Split80%80%
Time Period for Evaluation35 Days & 60 Days30 Days & 60 Days
First Withdrawal Date30 days30 days
Minimum Trading Days3 Days10 Days
Hold Trades on WeekendsYesYes

how is the funded trader

The Funded Trader differs from FTMO due to the fact that we are a completely community driven company. We listen closely to our community on everything from promotions, client issues, product updates, feature updates, etc. Our commitment to our traders starts with the leadership team who are traders themselves and closely involved in the industry. This dynamic of have an open ear to our traders results in amazing benefits and quick resolutions on any feedback.

Listening to our community has resulted in our most popular program, the Royal Challenge. This program has one of the lowest profit targets in the industry, no lot size limits and the ability to use EA's and Trade Copiers. This challenge clearly is a great opportunity for traders to get funded with our company

a few things...


Most prop firms in the industry do not even have a single competition for prizes throughout the entire year. Not The Funded Trader, here we hold monthly trading competitions that include tens of thousands of traders. The Funded Trader also holds community games such as blackjack, chess, and poker which all yield tremendous prizes!


At The Funded Trader, we strive to provide exceptional customer service that sets us apart from our competitors. To that end, we have dedicated significant resources towards ensuring that our traders have access to live support through phone, chat, and email during regular business hours. We believe that our commitment to easy and accessible communication with our team sets us apart in the industry and we welcome the opportunity for you to experience the level of service that we provide.

Rapidly growing discord community 

The number one purpose of The Funded Trader from Day 1 has always been to give back to the community. As a part of this mission TFT has continuously grown our Discord to 50,000+ members and providing these members opportunities to win thousands of dollars and potential to win hundreds of thousands in challenge accounts through our monthly trading competitions.

Community Focused updates

At the Funded Trader we are committed to growing with our community. We are constantly conducting polls and surverys to gather feedback which improves our product from multiple different levels. This is all with the goal in mind to continue to be the number 1 prop firm in the entire world
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10 Questions Traders Should Ask Prop Trading Companies

In the professional world of trading, proprietary trading firms may offer capital and resources to traders. However, these firms tend to be selective in their partnerships and it is crucial to thoroughly evaluate potential firms before entering into a relationship. Here are the top 10 questions to consider when evaluating proprietary trading firms.

Our Packages

Up to 90% profit split!


Trade up to $400k
  • 3 Minimum Trading Days
  • ​6% Daily and 12% Max Drawdown
  • ​Phase 1 (10%) Phase 2 (5%) Profit Target
  • ​Balance or Equity-Based Daily Drawdown
  • ​48-Hour Withdrawal Processing Time
  • ​First Withdrawal in 30 Days
  • ​News Trading Restricted ONLY on Regular Funded Accounts


Trade up to $200k
  • ​0 Minimum Trading Days
  • 5% Daily and 8% Max Drawdown
  • ​Phase 1 (8%) Phase 2 (5%) Profit Target
  • Balanced-Based Daily Drawdown
  • ​Scale Every Single Month By 10%
  • First Withdrawal in 14 Days
  • ​News Trading Restricted ONLY on Regular Funded Accounts


Trade up to $300k
  • 5 Minimum Trading Days 
  • ​5% Daily and 10% Max Drawdown
  • ​Phase 1 (8%) Phase 2 (5%) Profit Target
  • ​Balance or Equity-Based Daily Drawdown
  • ​No Lot Limits, EA's, Trade Copiers Allowed
  • ​No Lot Size Limits
  • ​News Trading Allowed


Trade up to $200k
  • 0 Minimum Trading Days
  • ​3% Daily and 6% Max Drawdown
  • ​Phase 1 (8%) Profit Target
  • ​Relative Drawdown
  • ​Withdraws Every 7 Days
  • ​No Lot Size Limits
  • ​News Trading Allowed

ABOUT the funded trader

At The Funded Trader, we offer funding to traders up to $600k with a profit-sharing model where traders retain 80% of their profits. With our scaling plan, traders can earn up to 90% of their profits. Our program is built on three pillars: straightforward trading rules, no time restrictions, and fast, responsive service. We offer two-step and one-step funding models, with simple rules and no time restrictions. Our primary objective is to support traders in overcoming the obstacle of inadequate capital and to help profitable traders achieve their maximum potential.

The main purpose of TFT is to create financial freedom for all. We believe everyone and anyone in the world can become successful in trading through proper education, support, risk management, and community - all core pillars of The Funded Trader.
We are a company that pursues excellence and simplicity as our mission is to become the #1 destination in the world for top-talent traders. 

At TFT, we prioritize long-term success and the prosperity of our traders. We understand that the success of our traders ultimately leads to the success of our company. If you are in search of a trading partner with transparent rules, robust trader support, and a commitment to your success, we encourage you to consider working with us.

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Funded Account Disclaimer

Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, because the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under-or-over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs, in general, are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profit or losses similar to those shown. Funded Account Disclaimer

1The Funded Trader funded accounts are not live trading accounts, they are fully simulated accounts utilizing real market quotes from liquidity providers.

The Traders featured are representative only and includes selected traders who allow their names to be publicly disclosed. Trader performance quoted represents past performance in a simulated environment and does not guarantee current or future performance. Further, financial instrument trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor, trading activities referenced by or undertaken utilizing The Funded Trader may not be suitable for all persons.

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