"We believe every retail trader deserves the opportunity to raise capital based on their performance and commitment to building their own business"

The Forex League and VVS Academy founders set out to create The Funded Trader after trading and reviewing other funding platforms and finding that we can provide a solution that is exactly what the community needs. You can find us on Youtube and Instagram sharing our daily trading education and exemplifying our passion for this industry. Each team member brings reputable experience in the funding space which allows us to offer products that are unique and built entirely around helping each individual trader succeed for the long haul.

Our Team

After teaching 500+ students as an educator for another academy and being fed up with their lack luster curriculum, Blake Olson set out on a journey to start a new mentorship program that sought out to teach students real working profitable trading strategies and thus, in early 2019 Blake left his job teaching at the other academy and VVS Academy was born! Within VVS, Blake and the other extremely talented educators focus on refining 3 of the most long-time proven trading strategies ever discovered, Elliott Wave Theory, Wyckoff and Smart Money Concepts. By finding an optimized way to combine the biggest strengths from these three legendary trading strategies, a masterpiece was created and is now taught to VVS students across the globe. In addition to VVS, Blake became a prop firm expert and created the Trade Connect VVS YouTube channel to help the community discover the amazing opportunities that only prop firms can provide. 

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Forex League was created by Angelo Ciaramello and Nick D’Arcangelo in 2019 and has quickly become a fast growing trading community. The founders have combined 10 years of experience in the financial markets and came together when they realized there was a big problem with online forex education. There was no training on how to truly practice, plan and execute trading like a business, which is the only way to do is successfully. Since May 2019 we have been introducing beginner, intermediate and advanced traders to our structured curriculum that aims to close the gap to profitability. Fast forward to May 2021, Forex League has worked with 200+ students from all around the world, along with creating a network of 6,000+ traders. Our approach has empowered our students to think big and see the market from a completely new perspective


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