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Update! The Funded Trader Standard & Royal Challenge

The Funded Trader has introduced unlimited trading days for its Challenges. Learn how that’s going to a gamechanger that helps you succeed.

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Funded simulated trading solves a unique problem—it removes the risk of losing your hard-earned money. Instead, the prop firm gives you access to large amounts of capital to trade and manage in a virtual profit.sharing deal. But this capital isn’t given out freely—traders must prove their skills by completing set challenges. At The Funded Trader (TFT), we’ve updated our challenges to boost your chances of success.

We have four competitive funding challenges: Standard, Royal, Rapid, and Knight. We’ve designed these challenges to be suitable for every kind of trader, whether beginners or experienced. Anyone can take the opportunity to learn and earn through our challenges and become funded traders.

The updates we’ve made to these Challenges will level the playing field for all traders. They also give you access to sophisticated simulated trading tools. Let’s dig in.

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What’s New: The Funded Trader Standard Challenge

What is The Funded Trader Standard Challenge? Our entry-level challenge is a two-phase evaluation process. We route both phases through a live feed and simulate real market conditions.

These new features now make it easier for traders to pass our Standard Challenge:

Unlimited simulated Trading Days

This is a big update that our community has been waiting for. Traders previously had 35 days to finish Phase 1 and 60 days to pass Phase 2 of the Standard Challenge. But now, you have unlimited simulated trading days. This means no more stressing about the deadline; instead, traders can focus on strategizing and executing their trades.

By launching unlimited simulated trading days, The Funded Trader has led and revolutionized the industry as many other prop firms have followed.

Expert Advisors and Copy Traders

We’ve enabled Expert Advisors (EAs) and Copy Traders as an add-on service to the Standard Challenge. Our new tool, the TFT Trade Manager EA, can calculate accurate entry and exit points for your trade as per your risk management strategy.

Additional Drawdown

You can now take advantage of additional drawdowns of 6% (daily drawdown) and 12% (maximum drawdown) as an add-on when you purchase the Standard Challenge. Currently, the default max loss is 10%, and the daily loss is 5%.

$5,000 Standard Challenge

We’ve also lowered prices on all Standard Challenge accounts. Our lowest account of $5,000 can now be purchased for just $65.

Note: These updates are only available to accounts purchased on or after July 8, 2023. Traders with older accounts will have the default settings. In addition:

  • The minimum simulated trading days remain the same at three days.
  • There will be no free retries for Phase 1 or Phase 2, as there’s no longer a limit to the simulated trading period.
  • Profit targets remain the same: Phase 1 at 10% and Phase 2 at 5%.
The Funded Trader Royal Challenge benefits

The Funded Trader Royal Challenge: Now With Unlimited simulated Trading Days

As we mentioned, we’re now one of the very few unlimited simulated trading days prop firms. The industry is changing, and The Funded Trader is one of the firms leading the way. That’s why we’ve extended the unlimited simulated trading days option to the Royal Challenge as well.

So, what is the Royal Challenge? It’s also a two-phase program, but it’s far more flexible. For instance, you can use your preferred simulated trading tools. Here are the new updates for the Royal Challenge:

Unlimited simulated Trading Days

Similar to the Standard Challenge, traders were previously given 35 days to clear Phase 1 and 60 days to complete Phase 2. Our transition to an unlimited simulated trading days prop firm means there’s no longer a time limit to your simulated trading period.

Note: All challenges purchased since July 17 will be changed to unlimited simulated trading days. If you move to Phase 2 or get a retry following July 24, you’ll have unlimited days on old accounts purchased before July 17.

Trade Manager EA

Our community asked and we delivered. The Funded Trader Trade Manager EA is now available on the Standard, Royal, and Knight Challenges. We believe automation makes simulated trading easier and more accessible. Our recently launched Trade Manager will allow you to accurately predict your entry and exit points.

We also allow the use of expert advisors—subject to some conditions—on our Standard, Royal, and Knight challenges.

What Hasn’t Changed

Don’t worry, your favorite aspects of the Royal Challenge remain the same:

  1. Profit targets are still 8% for Phase 1 and 5% for Phase 2.
  2. The maximum loss allowed is 10%, along with a 5% daily loss.
  3. We allow news trading.
  4. Royal Challenge leverage remains 1:200.
  5. A minimum of five simulated trading days are required.

Once you pass the Royal Challenge, you’ll move on to the next step of verification. After evaluating your account, The Funded Trader will offer you an agreement. Then, you’ll become a funded trader and start managing a funded account.

The Advantages of Having Unlimited simulated Trading Days as a Funded Trader

The simulated trading landscape is changing. At The Funded Trader, we recognize the pressure to meet virtual profit targets within strict time constraints. So, we believe that unlimited simulated trading days is the right way forward.

This will give you the freedom and flexibility to trade the market at your own pace. With no more deadlines, you don’t have to rush trades. You can instead let them unfold based on what the market is giving you. What’s more, you can focus on your strategy and risk management without the worry of a ticking clock.

We’ve also noticed that a lot of traders make the mistake of simulated trading bigger lot sizes toward the end of their Phase 1 evaluation. They hope to clear the Challenge with a few more pips. This can be risky. But with unlimited simulated trading days, there’s enough time to pass the Challenge with your normal lot sizes.

We believe the move to unlimited simulated trading days will be a game-changer! You have more flexibility, more opportunities, and more time to prove your skills.

More Exciting Updates Coming to The Funded Trader

Big things are happening at The Funded Trader! In addition to the Challenge updates:

  • ThinkMarkets is officially integrated on all challenges and funded accounts.
  • The $5,000 Challenge is now also available on the Rapid Challenge.
  • We’ve officially hit $75 million in payouts since June 2021.

We’re also bringing more updates to our affiliate portal and downloads page. This will be followed by automated customer agreements, a revamped leaderboard, and an accounts overview page.

Our next milestone is to hit $100 million in payouts. Will you be among the funded traders to help us get there? Join a Challenge to start your journey toward financial freedom.


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