Trading in the Zone: How To Start Thinking in Probabilities

In his book Trading in the Zone, Mark Douglas delivers eye-opening advice for overcoming the psychological barriers in trading to achieve the desired results. Here are key takeaways from the book every trader must learn. These tips will help you build the discipline needed to succeed.

What Trading Habits Say About Your Trading Psychology

You’ll notice unsuccessful trading psychology will have bad patterns. They follow the charts around the clock on the hunt for profitable setups, copy other people’s trades, and don’t invest time in learning and polishing their strategies. Meanwhile, successful traders patiently wait for the right time to enter the market and take small, calculated risks when they do.

Prep for Trading Challenge: ICT Charter Member Interview

Our funded trader, Meeran, lives and breathes trading. He’s been trading since 2008 and has made money from penny stocks, forex, crypto, and even corn and wheat futures. Meeran is a charter member of ICT and operates a $400,000 funded account with The Funded Trader. He recently took a $10,500 payout.

Funded Trading Success: 21-Year-Old’s Steps to 28K Payout

With so many online resources and community support available, anyone can achieve trading success. At The Funded Trader, our forex traders come from all backgrounds—students, office workers, self-employed professionals, stay-at-home parents—you name it. Here’s an inspiring story of 21-year-old Paladin, who received a $28,000 Funded Trading payout.

Former Wall Street Trader Reveals Strategy to Record Payout

Funding trading has paved the way for many talented individuals to earn a profit and turn their passion into a profession. Sat, a former Wall Street trader, did just that with The Funded Trader (TFT), earning a record $203,061 payout. Sat, who goes by her Discord nickname “SSfx,” recently chatted with TFT CEO Angelo Ciaramello about her journey and the strategies that helped her book massive profits. Here, she shares what she’s learned through her trading experience.

Funded Trading Success: How A Mom Achieved 6-Figure Profits

Going into forex trading blind is a guaranteed way to become a statistic. Instead, learn lessons from some of the most successful traders who have managed to live out real-life rags-to-riches stories. This includes Nur S., a mother who has raked in six-figure profits on The Funded Trader. Nur is an inspiration to forex trading novices. Here, she provides a roadmap for how to find trading success and make the most of The Funded Trader.

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