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Comparing Communities: FTMO vs. The Funded Trader

A trading community should be a vibrant hub of knowledge, support, and camaraderie. Let’s look at how the TFT and FTMO communities compare on various platforms.

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The fast-paced world of Forex trading can get lonely. So, many prop firms build communities where traders can gain support and compare notes. In fact, for some traders, community engagement can make or break their trading experience. Here, we explore how the FTMO and The Funded Trader (TFT) communities stack up.

A trading community should be a vibrant hub of knowledge, support, and camaraderie. Let’s look at how the TFT and FTMO communities compare on various platforms.

FTMO Community

If you want to boost your financial knowledge, then FTMO has several free educational resources. But when it comes to sharing daily market insights and giving traders a platform to brainstorm strategies, does FTMO deliver?

Let’s dive into the prop firm’s online presence.

FTMO website homepage

FTMO on Social Media

FTMO has a decent presence on social media and a good many followers on several accounts:

  • Facebook: FTMO maintains an active Facebook page and posts about once a day. It posts memes, trader interviews, and some inspiring quotes to keep traders motivated.
  • Facebook Group: The FTMO Traders’ Community on Facebook has 85,000 members, but the members don’t seem to be very engaged with the group. There’s a post about every other day with very few comments.
  • X (formerly Twitter): FTMO has 58,100 followers on X. The account keeps traders informed with bite-sized content and real-time updates.
  • Instagram: FTMO has 289,000 followers on Insta, thanks to its engaging content. It posts a lot of interesting tidbits from trader interviews, share payouts, and trader performances.
  • YouTube: FTMO’s YouTube channel is a good source of trading knowledge. It has over 100,000 subscribers and posts regular interviews with profitable FTMO traders. You’ll also find informative videos such as trading tips, a platform guide, and account reviews.
  • Discord: FTMO’s presence on Discord is relatively new. It has around 23,000 members, but there don’t seem to be any active moderators or community managers to encourage discussions and keep the community engaged.

FTMO Member Competitions

FTMO offers a free trial, which is a shortened version of the FTMO Challenge. New traders can practice their trading skills to see if they have what it takes to attempt the FTMO Challenge while following its strict criteria.

Traders who are successful in the free trial have a good chance to succeed in the full FTMO Challenge as well. Thousands of traders use FTMO’s free challenge to test their skills every day.

Note: You have to pay for the real FTMO Challenge. There are no special competitions that give away free challenges.

The Funded Trader Community

When it comes to community building and engagement, we believe The Funded Trader is head and shoulders above FTMO and other prop firms. We invest heavily to help our traders communicate and resolve their queries swiftly through our social handles. Here’s a lowdown of our social presence.

The Funded Trader website homepage

TFT on Social Media

The Funded Trader was founded in 2021. But in just two short years, we’ve gained a significant following on social media.

  • Facebook: You can follow The Funded Trader on Facebook to stay current on the latest competitions. We also post weekly stats from our Challenges and inspiring interviews with successful traders.
  • Facebook Group: This is your place to ask questions, discuss strategies, and learn useful trading tips from our funded traders. You can also post your setups and ask for feedback on your trades.
  • TikTok: Our TikTok has over 19,000 followers. We post inspiring shorts from our trader interviews. We also feature successful Forex traders who talk about their mindset and daily routine and share some invaluable trading tips.
  • X: Want to score a free Challenge? How about a promo code that will give you a good discount on our Challenges? Then you need to follow us on X, where we drop bounties for our traders.
  • Instagram: Our Instagram has more than 100,000 followers. You’ll find regular promotions, updates, and trader interviews here as well.
  • YouTube: There’s a goldmine of knowledge and inspiration on our YouTube channel. We have an extensive library of videos made in English, German, French, and Spanish to help our traders from all over the world. You’ll also find interviews with funded traders, account reviews, and ask-me-anything (AMA) sessions.

Discord Community

TFT scores big on Discord compared to FTMO. In fact, we have more than 87,000 members in our community.

New members receive tremendous guidance from our Discord community. They can help you learn from your mistakes and give valuable insights that help you become a better trader. In addition, our moderators are always there to answer your questions.

What’s more, our community has helped shape how our company has grown. We value the feedback we receive from our Discord community and bring regular updates and modifications to our Challenges as per their suggestions.

Free Competitions

With our platform, you can become a funded simulated trader. This means you get access to large amounts of capital to trade and manage, without risking your own funds. To start your trading journey, you must first pass one of our four competitive trading challenges: Standard, Royal, Rapid, or Knight’s Challenge. These Challenges can be purchased from our website.

However, we also give our traders an opportunity to try these Challenges for free. TFT hosts free monthly competitions where winners can earn a free TFT Challenge along with cash prizes.

You can also join our community engagement app to play fun games and attempt easy tasks to rake up coins. The more you win, the better your chances of receiving discount coupons and cash prizes.

Grow With the TFT Community

The Funded Trader may not be as big as FTMO, but we’re a growing tribe of traders who are there for each other. TFT boasts a global community with traders from all walks of life. This diversity brings in a wealth of trading perspectives, strategies, and experiences, making it an enriching environment for new traders.

What’s more, TFT’s thriving community is a constant source of support and motivation to help traders stay connected and inspired throughout their journey. With our dynamic social media presence, monthly competitions, and diverse group of traders, TFT is the go-to platform for new traders seeking not only funding opportunities but also a supportive and enriching community.

Join The Funded Trader today and unlock your full trading potential.


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