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Opportunities, Prizes, Oh My! Perks of The Funded Trader Discord Community

TFT Discord is where members of the TFT community can converge to discuss trading and just about anything else. It’s also where new members get to learn more than just platform navigation guides, challenge rulebooks, and trading rules. Membership of the Discord community comes with perks, like receiving TFT news, announcements, promotional activities, and competitions.

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If you recently started an account with The Funded Trader (TFT), congratulations on taking your first step! That said, navigating a prop firm site and getting to know all the simulated trading rules might prove a little challenging without the right guidance.

Thankfully, TFT provides plenty of resources to guide newbies during their first few attempts at trading. This includes a highly informative Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) site that can be accessed from the front page. This will answer most of the common questions a new account holder might have.

Even better, The Funded Trader has created a Discord server. This is where members of the TFT community can gather to discuss simulated trading and just about anything else. It’s also where new members get to learn more than just platform navigation guides, challenge rulebooks, and simulated trading rules.

Membership in the Discord community comes with perks, like receiving TFT news, announcements, promotional activities, and competitions. In fact, the TFT Discord page also hosts social links, games, and even private chatrooms. These activities usually serve as a welcome break from intense simulated trading sessions.

The Funded Trader Discord community

How to Join The Funded Trader’s Discord Community

Discord is a social platform where members can get together and interact through voice, video, and chat. It launched in 2015 as a social gaming platform for friends to discuss gaming strategies online. Soon, its popularity extended well beyond the gaming community, prompting Discord to shift its branding to encompass the greater online community.

Like many membership platforms, The Funded Trader loved Discord’s versatility and ease of use. For TFT, Discord was the perfect platform to host a members-only community.

To join The Funded Trader’s Discord community, click the TFT Discord server link found at the bottom of TFT’s front page. Of course, you’ll need to log in to your Discord account once prompted—a working Discord account is required. For first-time visitors, head to the manual verification process tab and press “Verify Me” to join the TFT server.

Note that your Discord account should be at least three days old when joining the TFT server. Otherwise, it will kick you out automatically for not complying with the requirements.

The Funded Trader Discord server rules

The Funded Trader Discord Channels

A number of channels and pages can be found in the TFT Discord community. Newbies should take time to go over the ground rules prior to actively participating. For this, the administrators created the “Start Here” channel, which hosts the Welcome, Start Challenges, and Community’s Rules pages.

The rules are straightforward and include reminders to stay respectful of other opinions and avoid offensive language. Further, the Rules emphasize that all information found on The Funded Trader Discord community is considered general information. As such, nothing accessed on the channel should be taken as investment advice.

In addition, The Funded Trader’s Discord community has a FAQ section, which hosts a copy of the FAQ page on the TFT website. There’s also a Notice Board channel, which contains all major announcements, hiring notices, competitions, giveaways, and promotions. Then, there’s a Payout Proof section that hopes to encourage new members to start shooting for the stars.

TFT Discord FAQs page

Payout Proof Pages

The point of joining The Funded Trader and successfully completing the challenges is to end up with the title of Funded Trader. Once you manage to eke out a virtual profit from trading (which starts at 80/20 in your favor and can go up to 90/10), you can post your proof of earnings on this page and share them with others. This can include screenshots of alerts whenever TFT deposits funds in your registered bank accounts or crypto wallets.

Why would people want to post proof of payments? The Funded Trader encourages every trader to share posts of their earnings for two reasons:

  1. Show members that The Funded Trader is a legitimate site and delivers on its promise of payments.
  2. Encourage other members and newly funded traders to keep up the good work and wait for their rewards.

To help organize the posting of payout proofs, there are separate pages for four-, five-, and six-digit payouts. Nothing beats the feeling of starting at the lowest page (four digits) and ending up two digits higher.

More Than Just Payment Proof

In addition to payout pages, the section also contains a trader review page, which collects screenshots of reviews for The Funded Trader. The testimonials further bolster the platform’s credentials, which can help alleviate doubts from some members.

Other pages in the section include leaderboards, which post regular updates on the Top 10 Funded Traders. There, admins share each leader’s current account status and the percentage they are up. A statistics channel can also be found in this section, which provides a more detailed list of top-funded traders for the period. A separate page for Top Traders contains posts by the CEO listing monthly achievers.

The Funded Trader tournaments

Challenges, Promotions, and Competitions

Key to becoming a fully fledged Funded Trader is successfully completing any of the listed challenges. However, The Funded Trader is more than just the challenges and the eventual succession into funded simulated trading activities.

From time to time, The Funded Trader Discord community will announce the start of competitions and promotions that offer other exciting prizes. For example, there’s a monthly competition where the top 50 traders during that period (based on total profit) win cash and challenges. There are also game pages in the TFT community—Chess, Poker, Blackjack, and even a Call of Duty mobile group—that host tournaments for fun and prizes.

Every now and then, CEO Angelo Ciaramello shows up to chat with members about upcoming promotions. He also randomly conducts informal surveys about what prizes members want as rewards for upcoming contests. As such, the community is very much encouraged to participate in these polls and provide feedback.

Private Chats

For challengers currently participating in Phase 1 or Phase 2 challenges, getting valuable advice and insight from fellow members is a great idea. You can get this and other information from members, especially those who already completed the challenge, via private chat.

Similarly, members who are part of the affiliate program can also join this channel. Here, they can attend training sessions and receive information about the latest promotions.

To join the private chat channel, members will need to react to the invitation post using the default TFT symbol. Note that private chats have a limited window. Admins will automatically remove accounts from the private chat server after 35 days.

Notice Board for Major and Minor TFT Announcements

The Funded Trader Discord community’s Notice Board section hosts both major and minor TFT announcement pages. These feature news and information related to The Funded Trader, including announcements on challenge and competition results, payouts, and even simulated trading.related news. Other announcements consist of website updates, industry news, and service interruption or maintenance notices.

Members are advised to check the Notice Board regularly for any announcements or news. Awareness of certain events—such as site maintenance schedules or holidays—means users won’t be caught by surprise with issues such as data accessing problems or specified trade times.

Members who check the notice board regularly will also keep current with important events, such as payout schedule information, competition results and lists of winners, or challenge updates. You can access all this information in the TFT Discord community.

TFT Discord Announcements Page

Discord Community for The Funded Trader Members and Affiliates

For best results, members should take a more active role in keeping the TFT Discord community alive and thriving. This includes involvement in community discussions—whether about ongoing challenges or other lighthearted topics. Instead of simulated trading forex, it’s nice to trade stories once in a while.

Even better, the Community section hosts a number of pages featuring non-English-speaking communities. For non-native English members of The Funded Trader, it’s a great way to keep in touch with traders hailing from the same country.

Furthermore, the local community pages are there to help your peers learn about the basics—even if they’re not very proficient in the English language. In addition, you can talk shop or casually swap success stories more comfortably using your native language.

TFT Discord Trade Ideas

Get More Out of The Funded Trader Experience by Joining TFT’s Discord Community

Having a venue to connect with your fellow members can be a hugely positive factor in your simulated trading efforts. At the same time, being able to access a trove of useful information will help you learn faster and adapt quicker to the intricacies of professional trading. Joining The Funded Trader’s Discord community optimizes your simulated trading activity while you have fun by keeping in touch with fellow community members.

For those who have yet to discover the world of The Funded Trader, now is a great time to take a closer look. Test your simulated trading skills by participating in our free monthly competitions. Take on the challenges and see if you have what it takes to become a professional trader—someone who knows when to pull the trigger and when to apply risk management.

If you have the required skills, we’re more than happy to help you with the capital. Take the challenge and find out!


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