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Over 100 Million in Payouts! The Funded Trader Two-Year Anniversary

The Funded Trader is celebrating its two-year anniversary with exciting new programs. Now is the perfect time to start your Forex trading journey!

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What started as an attempt to gamify prop trading has evolved into an award-winning prop trading firm with more than $75 million in payouts. As The Funded Trader celebrated its second anniversary, we’re reflecting on our journey so far and looking to the future.

The Funded Trader (TFT) was founded by Angelo Ciaramello, Blake Olsen, and Carlos Rico Jr. in May 2021 and encouraged the growth of the interactive trading community. Since the beginning, traders have hailed from all walks of life: college students, stay-at-home parents, fast food workers, and even retired professional sports players. Forex trading has never been more accessible.

In January 2022, The Funded Trader surpassed more than $1 million in payouts for its traders. By mid 2022, the company was firmly entrenched among the leaders in online Forex trading. Among last year’s highlights was TFT’s participation in the Miami FOREX Summit 2022.

In July 2023, the company hit over $75 million in payouts, keeping TFT on track to meet its $100 million target by the end of the year. And because of its gamified approach, great customer service, and a “giveaway” attitude, TFT continues to enjoy a TrustPilot rating of 4.5 (Excellent).

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News in The Funded Trader Kingdom

As part of its second-anniversary celebration, The Funded Trader recently unveiled a host of new, exciting programs and features to fire up the trading community. New traders will find more opportunities to showcase their Forex trading skills as they gain access to better funding and, ultimately, bigger payouts.

TFT has also listened to its community’s suggestions and improved the trading platform. These changes are designed to give the community a more inclusive and transparent platform that encourages traders from all over the world to join and collaborate.

In addition, new blogs by traders will better highlight and connect our robust trading community.

Lowered Commission Structure

Chief among The Funded Trader’s changes include lowered commission structures for its various affiliate brokers. Commission fees are now more organized and straightforward. They’re also lower than in other trading programs.

For example, Eightcap trading commissions consist of $7 a lot for Forex and $3 per lot for metals. For indices and oil, there are no commission fees. Meanwhile, those using Purple Trading will only need to pay $3 commissions for Forex, metals, and oil.

What’s more, there are no commission fees for indices. Finally, Think Markets’ commission rates are $7 for Forex and metals and $0 for indices and oil. In all three, there are $0 commission fees for crypto.

Free Challenger Trial

For the past two years, The Funded Trader’s various challenges have helped over 30,000 traders jump-start their careers. Previously, traders had to put up or maintain a minimum account balance to qualify for specific challenge types. Now, The Funded Trader will offer free trials for its trading programs.

This lets new members and rookie traders develop a trading strategy and check out the various programs. They can see which one fits them best without having to immediately commit their funds. When they’re ready, they can join the regular funded programs and work toward a capital balance of up to $1.5 million. They’ll also enjoy 90% profit splits.

In addition, TFT has promotions every month! For more information on promotions and codes, visit our promotions page.

Trade Manager Takes Center Stage

The Funded Trader’s Trade Manager is a powerful tool issued to all traders for managing trades. It provides a menu and shortcuts that allow users to manage individual transactions more efficiently. As such, traders can monitor trades, easily open and close positions, and view order details.

Through the Trade Manager, you can also apply a stop-loss order and customize a stop-loss breakeven feature. In addition, it offers a lot size calculator to help you easily determine the correct trade size based on your unique variables, such as your equity and risk percentage.

Whether you’re using the Eightcap or Purple Trading SC’s trading platforms, you can install the Trade Manager to keep track of all your active trades. Trade Manager is available for download on the trading platform’s website.

Reflecting on The Funded Trader’s Two-Year Journey

The Funded Trader continues to give underfunded traders an opportunity to earn their keep. Since the beginning, traders have enjoyed the gamified platform, attractive profit splits, high leverage, and multiple funding options. We’re eager to continue offering these same opportunities and more.

The Funded Trader’s followers include everyone from students and housewives to retired professionals worldwide. Along the way, we’ve issued more than $75 million in payouts in the last two years. Thanks to its active community traders, this rate puts us on track to achieve our goal of $100 million in payouts by the end of the year.

Along the way, we’ve picked up several noteworthy Forex awards and honors. This includes a coveted Silver Stevie® Award as Startup of the Year—Consumer Services Industries from the 2023 American Business Awards.

The Funded Trader also won Corporate Vision magazine’s Corporate Excellence Award in the Best Retailer Funding Platform 2023 category. Corporate Vision is an international publication that spotlights the latest industry trends and innovations.

Finally, TFT was also named the Best Prop Trading Firm in the USA for 2023 by the World Business Outlook (WBO). The WBO annually recognizes and celebrates business and finance companies that accomplish significant growth and make noteworthy contributions to the industry.

Build Your Dreams With The Funded Trader Today!

With two years down, we look forward to many more years of helping people realize their dreams of becoming a Forex trader. Our four different challenges are aimed at different trade styles, so nearly anyone can prove their worth as a trader. We make it easy: pass the challenges, showcase your trading skills, and receive a share of the profits you generate.

Come celebrate with The Funded Trader and get your share of over $70 million in payouts this year. Join more than 30,000 members who now enjoy another source of income as traders. Sign up for a TFT account and start honing your trading game today.


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