Celebrating Silver Stevie & Best Retailer Funding Platform 2023 Awards

We are thrilled to announce The Funded Trader (TFT) has been honored with not one, but two coveted awards: a Silver Stevie Award and a Corporate Vision Excellence Award. This heartwarming recognition is a testament to our work. We’re committed to providing exceptional simulated trading services and support to our valuable community.

To celebrate both awards and our second anniversary, we’re offering a big discount and payout on challenges. From June 1st to the 15th, enjoy a 7.5 discount on all challenges, along with a 125% refund after passing and 10% profits. Then, for the entire month of June, our new promotion gives you 40% off of $10k challenges. Use the code TFT40 or PROFITTAKERS when you sign up for our challenges.

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The Silver Stevie Award

The much sought-after Stevie Awards are recognized as the top awards worldwide in all spheres of business life. Since 2002, this trophy has recognized outstanding organizations and individuals from more than 60 nations. Winning a Stevie® is an acknowledgment that you’re providing excellence in your field.

Every year, thousands of organizations participate in the Stevie Awards nomination process. However, only a select few go on to win. The jury has strict 10-point criteria to choose the winners. Nominees must undergo rigorous scrutiny by several jury members.

The Funded Trader was among the finalists who scored eight out of 10, winning the Silver Stevie trophy in the “Startup of the Year—Consumer Services Industries” category. This award highlights TFT’s outstanding achievements and positive contributions to the simulated trading industry.

The TFT Community Sets Us Apart

So, what makes The Funded Trader one of the world’s best prop firms? In short, it’s our thriving community. TFT has a tight-knit group of members that help each other by sharing simulated trading tips and useful advice on how to win challenges.

Every prop firm offers attractive incentives for simulated trading with them, but this is where TFT stands out. New members receive tremendous guidance from our community on Discord. They help you learn from your mistakes and give valuable insights that help you become a better trader. In addition, The Funded Trader provides you with resources to help you ace the challenges.

In addition, our transparent system empowers you to build your wealth. If you’re new to the world of trading, we invite you to explore our resources. You can also fine-tune your skills by participating in our free monthly competitions. Observe the community and learn what it takes to be a better trader.

The Funded Trader: The Best Retailer Funding Platform 2023

Corporate Vision magazine recognizes exemplary organizations across various fields with its Corporate Excellence Awards. This international publication spotlights the latest trends and innovations. It also rewards professionals who innovate and lead the way.

We won the coveted Corporate Excellence Award in the Best Retailer Funding Platform 2023 category. Nominees are selected based on their hard work, achievements, and advancements over the previous year. The Corporate Vision team then conducts extensive research on each nominee to select winners.

Both awards recognize the hard work and dedication behind The Funded Trader. We are committed to providing unparalleled funding opportunities for retail traders.

The Funded Trader Difference

Among the criteria for the Corporate Excellence Award are client reviews and testimonials and products and services of note. At The Funded Trader, we pride ourselves on offering unmatched support for our community and making Forex simulated trading accessible.

With a TFT funded account, you won’t risk your own funds. Instead, traders get instant access to large capital, which can directly translate into a bigger virtual profit margin. The Funded Trader offers up to a 90/10 virtual profit split—the highest in the industry. However, it’s not easy to get funded. While Forex simulated trading has a low entry barrier, very few traders go on to win funded accounts. It’s difficult, but not impossible.

We encourage and support all our traders to become funded. Here’s how you can reach the top:

Keep Practicing Your Strategy

First, get your fundamentals in place. Determine your simulated trading style and risk appetite. What’s your risk management strategy? Which currency and sessions suit your simulated trading style? What’s your simulated trading goal? Journal your progress and keep reviewing your trades to develop a winning strategy.

Practice Live Trading

Demo simulated trading is for beginners. Learn the basics of how to trade and manage risk. Once you know your strengths, open a live Forex simulated trading account. You may need six to eight months of learning and testing to polish your strategy.

Live simulated trading will also teach you how to manage emotions and trade under pressure. You’ll need to develop an optimal simulated trading mindset before attempting a funded challenge. Live simulated trading gives you that experience.

Manage Your Emotions

Fear and greed are the biggest roadblocks to winning a funded account because they can lead to costly mistakes. To win a funded account, you must go from an average trader to a superior trader. For this, you’ll need to master your emotions. Without the right mindset, your strategy won’t work.

Don’t Give Up

Winning consistently will take years of practice. Many traders give up because they’re not willing to put in the work. After all, funded challenges are difficult. But don’t stop if you fail your first attempt. Take what you learn and implement it in the next challenge.

We have traders from diverse backgrounds who go on to win funded accounts and receive large payouts. Learn how they found their winning edge.

TFT Is the Ultimate simulated Trading Platform

These prestigious awards are a testament to our superior service and reputation. If you’re interested in Forex trading, get to know The Funded Trader. Join our Discord server and engage with our community. You’ll notice that many of our traders are new or amateurs—students, stay-at-home parents, and young professionals. But they’re all dedicated to their simulated trading journey. You’ll learn a lot from their experience.

Try our free challenges to practice your strategy. Once you’re ready, create an account and buy your very first funded challenge. Get started today.

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