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Treasure Hunt App Frequently Asked Questions

With TFT Treasure Hunt, you can earn rewards for playing games, completing tasks, and even referring friends. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll find in the TFT Treasure Hunt app and how you can get started.

Treasure Hunt app
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At The Funded Trader (TFT), we want you to enjoy every part of your trading adventure. So, we’ve launched a new community engagement app: The TFT Treasure Hunt app.

The app features a variety of activities to keep you entertained and engaged. With TFT Treasure Hunt, you can earn rewards for playing games, completing tasks, and even referring friends. You’ll also get free access to exclusive in-app content. Plus, all your data is stored securely.

Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll find in the TFT Treasure Hunt app and how you can get started.

Source: The Funded Trader Treasure Hunt App

How to Join the TFT Treasure Hunt

Joining the TFT Treasure Hunt app is easy! Simply create an account from your mobile or desktop. You’ll then be prompted to play a simple game to verify that you’re human. From there, you can select your avatar—that’s it! You’re ready to hunt and start earning gold coins. Once you click “Start,” you’ll be directed to the homepage, where you can pick any activity to begin.

What Can I Do in the Treasure Hunt App?

Currently, there are about 50 tasks available for you to complete. Here’s a broad sample:

  • Write for Us: Share your valuable knowledge with TFT peers. We regularly publish community-written blog posts. Be our next wordsmith and earn 2,500 coins from this challenge.
  • Make a YouTube Video: If writing isn’t your thing, then record a video for us. Explain what TFT is, our services, and our benefits. Also, be sure to talk about your personal experience with TFT. You’ll receive 3,500 coins, and new users will have more info on us. Win-win for all!
  • Share Testimonials and Certificates: Having a great time trading with TFT? Spread the word! Record testimonials and post selfies with your withdrawal and TFT passed certificates. You’ll get more than 10,000 coins for all these activities.
  • Invite Your Friends: Get your friends to join in the fun. We’ll give you a referral link to share on your socials. Win coins for every sign-up.
  • Be Our Advocate: You can also win coins by adding our affiliate link to your socials and updating your profile pictures to something related to The Funded Trader.

Learn more about how to maximize your coins.

What Are the Different Tiers?

Treasure Hunt app users are categorized among six tiers, and each one offers different rewards:

  • Red Knight
  • Yellow Knight
  • Blue Night
  • Grand Diplomat
  • Heir
  • King/Queen

The app utilizes a “percentage of the total” approach to assign users to a tier. The bottom 25% of users on the leaderboard are Red Knights. The following 25–50% are Yellow Knights, and the next 50–70% are Blue Knights. Those in the 70–90% range are Grand Diplomats. The most active users, who have completed most of the tasks, will reach the levels of Heirs and King/Queen.

In short, the more gold coins you collect, the higher up you move.

Leadership Ranking and Prizes

We reward the most active Treasure Hunt app participants, so complete tasks to accumulate as many gold coins as you can. This will help you climb to the top of the leaderboard. The higher you rank, the better your assigned tier and your rewards.

Please note: The leaderboard is monthly. All gold coins reset at the end of each month.

Treasure Hunt pay table

What Rewards Do Leaderboard Winners Receive?

You can win a lot of perks and real-world rewards through the Treasure Hunt app. These include:

  • Discount Coupons: This is one of the biggest perks of the app and can take you a step closer to becoming a funded trader with us. Leaderboard winners receive discount coupons for any of our challenges. The higher your level, the bigger discount you receive.
  • Gold Coins Multipliers: With this reward, you’ll start the next month with a boost. This reward also varies with your level. For example, Heir Level app users receive 1,000 bonus gold coins for the next month.
  • Free Spins: Who doesn’t love a game of luck? With our free spins reward, you can try your luck at our Spin-n-Win game (more below) multiple times, giving you a chance to win even more prizes.

There are also big rewards to be won, such as free entry to our Royal Challenge, more than 5,000 gold coins, and lots of free spins! To see what kind of rewards you’ll get at the end of each month, simply scroll to the bottom of the app. Then, click on the crown icon to reveal more details on the prizes.

How Are Rewards Distributed?

Treasure Hunt app rewards are sent to users’ in-app wallets, and the bonus gold coins are added to their profiles automatically. And don’t worry—rewards aren’t just for the top three winners on the leaderboard.

Here’s how it works: first, second, and third place winners enjoy separate rewards for their achievements. But multiple people can still win rewards. Each lower tier, from the six mentioned above, can have many users receiving the same reward. For example, if the Heir tier has 250 users by the end of the month, they will all enjoy the same rewards for this level.

What Is the TFT Spin-n-Win?

Spin the wheel to win big! Spin-n-Win is a simple game but with huge prizes up for grabs—including 100% free access to our $400,000 Standard Challenge. You can also win free entry to different challenges, additional free spins, and more gold coins. You’ll receive a free spin every day to try your luck.

You’ll also notice “credit points” on the top. This feature shows how many free spins you have left. You can buy more credit with your gold coins.

So, open the Treasure Hunt app and start spinning for a chance to grab a cool reward.

Start Hunting With the Treasure Hunt App

Retail trading might be slow at times, but TFT’s Treasure Hunt app will ensure you never have a dull moment in your trading journey. Stay engaged with The Funded Trader community, work your way up the leaderboard, and claim big rewards. Sign up today.

The Funded Trader is a prop trading firm founded by traders, for traders. It has the resources and community you need to start successfully trading Forex or crypto. Complete the challenges to earn your funded trading account today.


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