The Funded Trader Affiliate Program: Frequently Asked Questions

The Funded Trader offers scalpers, intraday, and swing traders an opportunity to raise capital and manage large accounts. Now, through our affiliate program, we are also excited to partner with traders—and boost their earnings with referral commissions. Here’s how any committed trader can join the program and maximize their returns.

Access forex and cryptocurrency simulated trading with The Funded Trader
Access forex and cryptocurrency simulated trading with The Funded Trader. | Source: Shutterstock

What Is The Funded Trader’s Affiliate Program?

The Funded Trader’s Affiliate Program gives you access to multiple advantages—such as earning commission on trader sign-up referrals. You can promote the premium simulated trading prop firm on your own website, blog, social media channels, or podcast. Moreover, as an affiliate, you’ll earn a commission every time a new user makes a purchase through your unique affiliate link.

Connections matter. For instance, you can use The Funded Trader's affiliate ad creatives in your partner promotions. And to make sharing The Funded Trader with your community almost effortless, we provide ongoing new ad creatives based on updates, current promotions, and helpful content.

In addition, we offer partner coupons to help you take your referrals to the next level. This means being able to provide your referrals with a discount incentive for signing up through your affiliate link. Discount coupons range between 5% and 10%, according to your affiliate tier status. The more referrals you successfully convert, the higher the coupon percentage you can offer.

How Do I Become an Affiliate?

Becoming one of our promotions partners couldn’t be simpler. Begin by accessing your personal affiliate portal here, or sign up if you haven’t yet done so.

After signing up with The Funded Trader, you’ll have access to your account portal via the Trade Hub. From the left-hand navigation menu, head to the Affiliate Portal to open the dashboard. Here, you can see an overview of all your account activities, referrals, coupons, and payouts—it really is that straightforward!

What are the Affiliate Compensation Plans and Scaling?

At The Funded Trader, we believe in rewarding our affiliates for the work they put into gaining referrals. Therefore, our commission structure is classified into three tiers, allowing your income to grow along with your referral business.

Tier 1

Once you’ve acquired 50 successful referrals, you enter into the affiliate compensation tier structure. Tier 1 allows you to offer 5% discount coupons to referrals and earns you a 10% commission rate. Moreover, you can access a free $100K challenge and unlock bi-weekly payouts.

Tier 2

After another 50 referrals (for a total of 100), you unlock Tier 2 affiliate compensation status. As a Tier 2 affiliate, your referrals attract a commission of 12.5%, plus you’ll be eligible for a free $200K challenge. You can also supercharge your referral strategy by offering new referrals a 7.5% discount coupon for signing up through your link.

Tier 3

Aiming for Tier 3 affiliate compensation status may seem like a long-term project, but it’s definitely worth the effort. So, start setting your sights on reaching those 500 referrals! Once you’ve arrived at your target, you’ll receive $3,000 cash compensation as well as moving to 15% commission earnings with weekly payouts. Furthermore, you’re now able to offer a 10% discount as an incentive to new users and you gain access to an exclusive Slack channel.

How Do I Request My Payout?

Requesting your commission payout is an easy process. Nonetheless, there are a few important procedures to make note of:

  • Payouts are only processed every 30 days from the previous payment date. The minimum withdrawal amount as an affiliate is $100.
  • Only referrals that are 30 days or older are eligible for commission withdrawal.
  • If you select cryptocurrency payouts, note that we use ERC-20 Network for USDC.

To request your commission payout, log in to the Trade Hub dashboard here. On the left-hand menu bar, click on the Affiliate Portal tab.

At the top right of your screen, you’ll see the Request Payout button. If you are eligible for a payout, you’ll be able to able to click on the button to start the process.

Once issued, you can track details of all your previous payouts in the Payout section of the partner portal.

How Do I Share My Affiliate Link?

Log in to your Affiliate Portal and scroll down to find your Referral URL. Then click the “copy link” button. From here, you can generate new referral links to track the performance of the affiliate campaigns you run.

Once you’re eligible to offer discount coupons to your followers, you can access the coupon codes in your dashboard. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you’ll find your available coupons—either 5%, 7.5%, or 10% discount, according to your affiliate program tier.

Earn Money With The Funded Trader Affiliate Program

The Funded Trader provides you with everything you need to be a successful promotions partner. With a personal affiliate program dashboard—and within easy reach of the ad creative library—you can promote The Funded Trader from anywhere, at any time, to maximize your earnings.

Your dashboard offers all the links that you’ll need for automated referral tracking. This includes insights into your referrals, visits, conversions, earnings, and any available coupons. Payouts are as simple as a click of a button.

The more referrals you drive through your affiliate links, the higher your commission percentage will be. In addition, you receive a bonus payout of $3,000 when you hit the 500 referrals mark. That’s big earning potential for a simple side hustle.

Partner with us today by signing up here and begin optimizing your forex and cryptocurrency returns.

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